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Algae are photosynthetic organisms present in the aquatic environment for more than 3 billion years. Thanks to their rich chemical/nutritional composition and high content of bioactive substances, they have been used in nutritional supplementation.

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Marcus Rohrer SCK2®
Marcus Rohrer SCK2®

Marcus Rohrer SCK2®

Marcus Rohrer SCK2® is a dietary supplement based on Spirulina Algae, Kombu Algae, Klamath Algae and Chlorella Algae. Spirulina, which has always been known for its particular richness in plant proteins, has a SUPPORT and RESTORATIVE action, Kombu Algae is useful for STIMULATING METABOLISM, Klamath Algae contributes to normal MOOD, Chlorella Algae is an antioxidant useful for its DETOXIFYING and DEFENCE FUNCTIONS IN THE BODY.
Marcus Rohrer CHLORELLA®
Marcus Rohrer CHLORELLA®

Marcus Rohrer CHLORELLA®

Marcus Rohrer Chlorella® is a highly digestible dietary supplement based on Chlorella algae. Chlorella algae is a useful antioxidant for the DETOXIFYING FUNCTIONS of the body.

The wealth of a perfect ecosystem

From Hawaii the most vital Spirulina ever

Hawaiian Sun

Intense Hawaiian sunlight increases nutritional power
and gives it a powerful boost
of energy.

Pure Water

The pristine ocean water mixes with the rainwater, to give our Spirulina a fast and luxuriant growth.

Uncontaminated environment

The ecosystem offers climate conditions of rare purity, including bright sunshine, healthy air, lava soil and tropical forests.

Volcanic soil

The lava soil of the Hawaiian paradise is enriched by the substances collected from the water of the tropical forest.

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